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Here are some of the issues I regularly work on

with people in my practice:


Depression-sadness, low motivation                     Self-esteem

Anxiety-concerns, fears, worries, stress, panic        Addictions

Developing healthy relationships                         Grief and Bereavement

Emotions-regulating, tolerating painful emotions      Starting new romantic relationships 

Women’s Issues                                               Self-injury

Relationship loss-divorce, endings, death              Trauma resolution 

Achieving life balance                                      General life satisfaction

Anger-managing and working through                 Coping with chronic illness

Work or school issues                                       Interpersonal relationship skills

Time management and organization skills             Healing difficult family relationships

Transition to college or graduate school                Codependency

Body Image, food, and disordered eating             Healing from relational harm

Finding meaning, purpose, and joy in life             Personal growth

Life Transitions                                                  Cultivating mindfulness

Substance Use                                                 Improving self-care

Discovering solutions                                         Cultivating Radical Acceptance

Growing resilience                                           Age Related Concerns

Shame                                                           Teen Peer Pressure


Individual and Couples

Adolescents (15+) and adults



I am in the office Monday through Thursday


My office is conveniently located in the Village of Rhinebeck, at 30 East Market Street. You may find parking on the street or in the Municipal Parking Lot across from the firehouse. I am a few doors away from CVS, on the same side of the street, in the direction of the traffic light. My office is located on the second floor. The door is blue and my name is on the glass.



Please contact me to inquire about session fees.

I am able to offer a fee reduction on a limited basis, and we can discuss this by telephone.



Payment is due at the time of service, unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon in advance. Upon request, insurance statements are generally provided monthly. 



I am not in-network with any insurance companies. If you have out-of-network benefits, you may be able to receive partial reimbursement from your insurance provider. Upon request, I can provide a list of questions for you to ask your insurancae company, so that you can obtain specifics about your insurance coverage. I have opted out of Medicare, so if you work with me,  you will need to sign an opt-out agreement in advance of your first session. This is a Medicare rule for providers who have opted out.


I work regularly with Marist College and Bard College students, and have an established relationship with staff at both Counseling Centers. In certain situations, I am able to accept payment directly from both of these college insurance plans. Please call with any questions you may have about this.



Please kindly call or email to cancel any appointment at least 48 hours in advance (by 12pm on Fridays). There is a charge for sessions not canceled 48 hours in advance. Missed appointments and late cancellations may interfere with my ability to provide continuity, and they also may prevent another client whom may need a session from being seen. The sooner you contact me the better, since if we are able to find another time that works for both of us, the same or the next day, I will allow you to reschedule at no extra fee. Missed appointments will not be paid for by your insurance company.

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